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Abidjan, N'Dotré 
You will find us near Paris Baguette bakery and in front of the Blé d'Oré pastry shop
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"The Prelate is no longer a secret to those who love good things."
Maquis | Bar | Hotel rooms
Abidjan, N'Dotré since 1998
Escape From The Standard!
Discover Also Good African Fusion Cuisine 

Fish soup

Our fish soup is made with fresh ingredients, fresh herbs from our garden, and cooked in pots for maximum flavor. 

Served with rice or attieke, you will always be satisfied. 
Heat level: Normal, strong, very strong.
From 2500 CFA francs

Amiwo au Poulet

Chicken with a special tomato sauce and fresh salad
Chilli level: Normal, strong, very strong.
From 2500 CFA francs

Chicken Prelat - Always Hot. Always juicy and full of flavors!

Without doubt the de-facto choice of the majority of our customers.  

It's our stubbornness with quality. 

From our chickens, through the freshness of our condiments and the herbs we use, the secret of our famous chicken comes from the quality of our ingredients and our expertise in cooking. 
It's just as simple.
Do not take our word as truth. Order and try our Chicken Prelate  to join our fan club.
Chilli level: Normal, Strong, Very strong.
From 2000 f. cfa

Goussi leaf sauce prepared with fresh meatballs

Recommended with rice or corn paste (in the kabato style, this dish is full of flavors, another favorite that requires a good red Beaujolais to accompany it
From 2500 CFA francs
Succulent and Juicy Beef Burgers with Fries
You can also enjoy our 1/4 Lbs. Burger with turkey rhash served with large chips and coleslaw.
Recommended on the spot ** 
2000 f CFA
The best " Fried Chicken "
Abidjan. Our fresh chickens are seasoned and fried in oil immersion to order. 
2000 f CFA
Beef skewers with vegetables seasoned with house spices
From 2000 f CFA

Our promise? Always offer quality without breaking your budget.

It's our mission every day in the kitchen.

Contact us at 43 05 11 49 for more info on our specialties
Direction to find us
If you are transported by motorbike, bicycle or on foot :-)

- Coming from the Yopougon industrial area, simply turn right when you arrive at the N'dotré junction.

- Coming from Ebimpé, water tower etc ... you turn left when you arrive at the N'Dotré junction.

You will then see the Paris Baguette bakery on your left. You continue barely 10 meters and you will find the Prélat just on your right (in front of the Blé d'Oré pastry shop). 

- Coming from Abobo Town Hall, turn left at PK 18 (or right if you come from Anyama). 

You pass the "Diallo crossroads" and continue to the Texacos station on your left. The Prélat is just after (in front of the Bâtisserie Blé D'Oré).

Here is. You have arrived. Park your car in peace and have fun.  
If you need assistance, do not hesitate to call us at 43 05 11 49
For more information
Call +225 43 05 11 49
Opening time
  • Monday: 11.00 - 23:00
  • Tuesday: 11.00 - 23:00
  •  Wednesday: 11.00 - 23:00
  •  Thursday: 11.00 - 2:00
  •  Friday: 11.00 - 2:00
  •  Saturday: 11.00 - 3:00
  •  Sunday: 11.00 - 2:00
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